About Us

Misters Candles Soy Wax Candles Steven and Dean
We love handmade products - We buy handmade, we make handmade and we sell handmade.
Steven has been a crafter for over 25 years starting in the paper craft and scrap booking arena and quickly picked up lots of other crafts from sewing, knitting, baking and candle making. Steven has been making candles for family and friends for many years and one day in the summer of 2016 he took the plunge to make them to sell. Steven is also a full time foster carer and currently looks after a young man who will be part of the family until he matures. 
Dean has been in sales and marketing for many years in a number of industries. Dean now teaches within the apprenticeship sector and supports Digital Marketing Apprentices through their apprenticeships. A keen digital marketer he spends much of his time supporting Steven with his marketing and he is also responsible for the picking, packing and shipping of all your order.
We hope you enjoy our candles and look forward to hearing your feedback! Steven & Dean x